Private Soma Yoga classes in the center of Arnhem

At your own pace, in a quiet environment, we will be learning and practicing yoga through a series of gentle somatic yoga movement and therapeutic yoga exercises. These lessons are specially tailored to your needs. Soma yoga private lessons are a very good way to start yoga, but also to further deepen, or to start again after an injury.

Soma Yoga can give support with back problems, posture problems, chronic pains


Soma Yoga private session is a holistic approach that works on supporting balanced posture and efficient movement. You learn to move your body optimally and in balance. With various somatic yoga and movement exercises, I will guide you in learning how to optimally support the body's own natural movement and posture.


Soma Yoga can give support with stress, burnout, PTSD, psychological and emotional problems


Modern life causes a lot of stress which has a direct effect on the way we breathe and how we move. Soma Yoga combines the wisdom of the Somatic Movement therapy with the traditional hatha yoga and meditation practice. The key to a more peaceful and relaxed life is to restore contact with your body.


Learning Embodied Awareness with Soma Yoga


Embodied Awareness is the gentle 'moment to moment' attention to constantly being present with a wide range of perceptions and sensations of your body. It is an organic and natural way to connect more deeply to the language of your body and to release tensions. Embodied Awareness is part of all Soma Yoga exercises designed to help you better understand and use the language of your body.

Soma Yoga also online


is designed specifically for people who are not able to attend the regular classes in person and/or who travel and would like to continue their yoga practice while away from home. All you need is a yoga mat, a computer, and an internet connection. We’ll focus on your personal needs, challenges, and goals and help you get needed resul​​​​​​​​​​​​​​lts.

Soma Yoga classes: What am I learning?


These yoga classes focus on deep relaxation, energy restoration, natural breathing, and releasing physical tensions. The pace of the lesson is slower, which gives you the opportunity to develop body awareness and through that learn to recognize and release deep-held tensions in the body. In Soma Yoga classes, we pay a great deal of attention to the essential yoga principles such as posture, breathing, flexibility, and strength. By moving the body consciously, and using the so-called 'Somatic Movement' approach, we can dive deeper into each yoga posture. Next to that, Soma Yoga practice incorporates gentle and restorative yoga postures. I use various physio-therapeutic balls as support. You can think of small and large physio-balls, 'still-point inducers', and trigger point balls. You will be taught a series of yoga poses that encourage gentle, fluid body movements. These yoga classes are an ideal balance between traditional hatha yoga exercises and restorative yoga practice.

Soma Yoga Arnhem