Holistic Intuitive massage in the center of Arnhem (Steenstraat)
Holistic Intuitive and Hot Stone massage in the center of Arnhem (Steenstraat)


Touch is an instinctual human response to pain. The body is given love and support through touch. Massage is an age-old technique that can relieve and remedy a wide variety of physical and emotional complaints, from chronic pain to extreme anxiety and exhaustion.


This massage is a holistic oil treatment that works on the physical, emotional, and mental level of the body. The treatment stimulates deep relaxation and restoration of the body's natural balance. During a Holistic Intuitive massage, a person is treated as a whole. Your body and your mind. The hand movements and grips used are slow, rhythmic, and meditative. These hand movements are interspersed with soft shakes (Holistic Pulsing) and relaxing touch (Hands-On Healing) that mainly focuses on the body's energy system.


I work intuitively and in tune with the energy of the person being massaged. This means that my hands intuitively follow the energy of the body during the massage. This, in turn, can trigger the body's self-healing effect. Where necessary, energy is given through my hands through the so-called Hands-On Healing technique that positively influences the energy system of the body. Hands-on healing is in the form of a gentle and conscious touch that focuses on your body's energy system. Your original energy is invited to flow where it wants to flow, releasing blocked energy, allowing you to be more present in your body. I also use the Holistic Pulsing technique. Soft shakes (or otherwise called Holistic Pulsing) is a form of massage in which your body is moved by rocking and shaking. Through the 'flow' that arises in your body, you can become aware of tensions and blockages and let go of them. Holistic Pulsing has a deeply relaxing and healing effect.

Gift voucher Holistic Intuitive massage

Would you like to give a Holistic Intuitive or a Hot Stone massage to a loved one? Then you can reach me by phone at 0640817890 or come by to pick up your gift voucher at the Soma yoga & massage practice in the center of Arnhem (Steenstraat).

You can also choose to order a gift certificate digitally. It can easily be emailed to your loved one.



Hot Stone Holistic massage


In my private practice Soma Yoga Arnhem I also offer a Holistic Hot Stone massage. Hot Stones is a wonderful therapeutic aid that helps to relax and relieve tense muscles, effectively relax the nervous system, and promote deep rest and energy recovery. During the Hot Stone Holistic Massage, I place smooth, flat, heated stones on specific parts of your body. The stones I use are made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. After the heated stones are placed on your body, I start massaging with hot stones first, then with hands using holistic massage techniques.


Some benefits of Hot Stone massage are:


  • relaxation of tired muscles

  • helping with pain relief

  • relieving depression

  • promoting sleep

  • improving circulation

Hot Stone Massage Arnhem
What can you expect from a Holistic Inuitive and Hot Stone massage session?



We always start with a conversation about your health, fitness, complaints, possible contraindications and your wishes. The conversation is also intended to put you at ease and to provide information about the effects of the massage. Then I leave the room for a while and you can undress. During the massage, you keep your underpants on. I'll tell you how to get on the massage table, I'll cover you immediately with towels and make sure you are comfortable and warm.


The massage itself


You will be covered with a towel during the treatment. Only the body part being massaged is uncovered - the rest remains under the towels to keep you nice and warm. During the massage, I will try to let you enjoy the silence, as much as possible. You don't have to talk but it is, of course, allowed. By the way, there are many clients who are so relaxed that they fall asleep during the massage. That's fine too, of course. If at any time during the session, a technique or a massage grip feels uncomfortable, you can let me know right away.


After the massage


After the massage, you can just stay calm for a while and slowly recover.  I leave the space so you can dress comfortably. Make sure you after the massage drink plenty of water or herbal tea so that your body can dispose of waste efficiently.


Terms and conditions of Holistic Intuitive and Hot Stone massage session


  • When you make an appointment, you agree to the terms and conditions as stated below.

  • I think a safe atmosphere and good hygiene are important and expect you to take care of this too.

  • During the first session, I will ask you a number of questions regarding your health and expectations regarding the massage prior to the massage. You hereby provide relevant information. You must report any use of medication. If you change your situation, you are responsible for providing relevant information.

  • I don't make medical diagnoses. If in doubt, I can refrain from massage and refer you to a doctor or specialist. For medical complaints, consult with your treating doctor or specialist before undergoing a massage.

  • All information that you share during the intake and the sessions will be treated confidentially. This will never be given to third parties without written permission.

House rules 

  • You arrive on time. Being late is at the expense of the duration of the session. 

  • Agreements made can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the appointment. Canceled or forgotten appointments within this period will be charged in full. In the case of my own illness, I will inform you as soon as possible. 

  • Erotic and/or sexual massages are not part of Soma Yoga and massage practice. 

  • At Practice Soma Yoga and Massage practice in Arnhem, both women and men can receive respectful treatment. 

  • Payment is made by bank transfer; or cash; you will receive an invoice.

  • The massages take place in careful coordination. You cannot hold me liable for material and / or non-material damage caused during or after a session.