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Soma Yoga Arnhem
Soma Yoga semi-private lessons in the center of Arnhem


Welcome to Soma Yoga, a small and cozy studio located in the center of Arnhem (NL). Here you can follow Soma Yoga in small groups, book a  private yoga session,  a private mini-retreat, or a Holistic Intuitive and Hot Stone massage. Large studio classes in gyms certainly have their benefits but are not suitable for everyone. Private and semi-private lessons are ideal for people who want more one-on-one attention in a warm and homey studio environment. The groups have a maximum of 5 participants, which gives more space to focus on personal attention during yoga classes. My experience is that people really enjoy being personally guided and supported during yoga. It helps them connect better with their own body, and it also helps them create a more stable and rewarding yoga practice.


Do you suffer from stress, burnout, chronic pain, and/or physical tension?

Modern, hectic lifestyle demands a lot from us and it is having an enormous impact on our psychological, emotional, and physical well being. Problems such as headaches, muscle tension, insomnia, and anxiety have become part of our daily life. Ignoring the pain and living with restlessness and stress is a general way to go about this; But what if there is another way? What if you can do something about it? Maybe you have a physical knowing or remembering that life can also be more peaceful and relaxed, your body more at ease, your breath deeper. But how do you find that back? 


Restore the connection with your body


The key to a more peaceful and balanced life is reconnecting with the wisdom of your body. Learn to regain the balance in your life through the easy, gentle yet powerful practice of Soma Yoga. The body is intelligent and has the wisdom and ability to release accumulated physical tensions and to restore its own balance. It must, of course, be given the opportunity.


Soma Yoga is a modern yoga with an ancient tradition


​Soma Yoga combines the wisdom of the Somatic Movement education with the traditional Hatha yoga and meditation. Chronic tension patterns change when the body is supported in its natural ability to restore its own balance. Soma Yoga exercises facilitate flexibility, physical and emotional balance, and a calm mind. It can support us in uncovering and releasing unconscious, unhealthy body patterns and help in increasing our ability to move more freely. By becoming aware of inefficient movements and actively working in releasing them, more space can be created for ease, balance, and an overall sense of vitality.​

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Marina Trisic (BA) is the founder of Soma Yoga Arnhem based in the Netherlands. She is a certified yoga teacher at the Iyengar Institute in Amsterdam and a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) at ISMETA in the USA. Her background in bodywork and various dance and movement disciplines have greatly influenced her understanding and the way she teaches yoga


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Soma Yoga Arnhem

Soma Yoga classes


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Marina provides and guides yoga in a wonderful way so that you can fully relax, deepen your inner peace, and stretch yourself towards personal growth.


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Marina creates a welcoming silence in which I can settle in and 'meet myself again'. The flow of the lesson was just right for me. Since I was new, Marina has been thoughtful and supportive, giving me the space to follow my own rhythm. I really appreciate the space she gives to allow each of us to listen to our own bodies. Definitely recommended with reducing stress and fatigue. I felt thoroughly rejuvenated.


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I'm recharging my energy every week during Marina's yoga classes. Paying attention to the body and mind is good for me. Sometimes it's about mental peace, sometimes it's physical discomfort that I need to pay attention to. Under the guidance of Marina, I got to know the body better in recent years. I wholeheartedly recommend Marina's yoga classes.


Welkom! U kunt mij telefonisch bereiken van mandag tot en met vrijdag op +31(0)640817890 van 09.00 tot 18.00 uur.  Het beste is om het formulier onderaan in te vullen en ik zal uw zo snel mogelijk het antwoord geven.  Ik gebruik geen WhatsApp of andere sociale media voor contacten met cliënten. Ik wil uw vriendelijk vragen om mijn privacy in dit opzicht te respecteren. Bezoekers adres is  Steenstraat 24-2 in Arnhem en allen mogelijk op afspraak. Als u de massage sessie wilt boeken, dan bel ik u ook graag van tevoren, voor en korte intake gesprek. 

Thank you!


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